We understand the importance of sustainability in the aqua industry.

We understand the importance of sustainability in the aqua industry.

  • Highly digestible protein
  • Promotes tolerance to stress conditions
  • Supports intestinal and immune health

Sourcing high-quality protein ingredients that help you supply your customers with sustainable products is where APC comes in. Our ingredients provide a rich source of highly digestible proteins that help to provide growth and to alleviate the effects of normal stress experienced in farmed fish environments. With science that backs up improved gain and feed efficiency plus promotes a more homogeneous distribution of body weight, you can count on APC’s superior quality ingredients to help you sustain your operation.

Quality Ingredients with Functionality

Fish farmers and aquatic producers have many things to worry about. Sourcing quality ingredients that provide health benefits shouldn’t be one of them. Using spray-dried red cells in place of other protein sources provides superior digestibility while spray-dried plasma offers health benefits unlike any other ingredient. Using plasma helps to support immune and intestinal health, leading to improved production measures including feed efficiency, size distribution and survival. Additionally, the functional binding capabilities can help improve feed quality.


Gilthead Sea Bream
White Shrimp

Key Benefits

– Highly digestible protein

– Promotes uniformity

– Suitable for all aquatic species

The Science

Spray dried red cells are a quality source of highly digestible proteins that promote growth.

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Plasma improves tolerance to stress conditions and promotes improved gain, feed efficiency and survival as demonstrated in published studies.

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Plasma helps to enhance intestinal health and immune function in multiple species.

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Learn About Our Products

APC offers spray dried plasma and red cells for use in production and companion animal applications globally. As the world’s largest manufacturer, customers can count on APC to provide the safest and highest quality ingredients used in diets today.

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