Improve Formulas With Cost Effective Functional Ingredients

What We Do

We help animals thrive through the use of innovative functional protein ingredients that positively impact pet health while contributing to a quality finished product. Our plasma-based ingredients are functional, palatable and label friendly – offering pet food, treat and supplement companies the opportunity to provide a better product at a lower cost.

Who We Are

APC is the world’s largest manufacturer of plasma-based functional proteins. We operate a global network of manufacturing plants in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Poland, Spain and the United States. APC is a family-owned business based in Iowa, USA, with over 40 years of experience providing consistent, quality products no matter where you are in the world.

Why It Matters

We understand the importance of building and keeping the trust of your pet parent customers. We feel the same way about our valued clients. You can count on APC to offer quality ingredients that meet the pet industry’s stringent requirements while providing above and beyond customer service. Whether you manufacture wet or dry foods, treats or supplements, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.


Learn About Our Products

APC offers spray dried plasma and red cells for use in production and companion animal applications globally. As the world’s largest manufacturer, customers can count on APC to provide the safest and highest quality ingredients used in diets today.

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