It seems there’s no shortage of potential problems when raising broilers – illness outbreaks, environmental challenges, vaccinations. Every stressor takes a toll – especially on young chicks. There are many additives available today that promise improvements – but ask yourself, do they have the data to back their claims? Plasma does. Ensuring a cumulative intake of 3 to 4g of plasma per chicken during the first feeding phase makes it an economically feasible solution in chickens. Plasma helps support the developing immature immune system of the chickens early in life, improving their overall feed efficiency, weight gain and reducing mortality; and increasing their tolerance to disease and stress.

Layers and Breeders

Pullets need to develop their immune, reproductive and skeletal systems achieving target weights and uniformity by the onset of lay. However, they are often exposed to demanding vaccination programs, variable environmental conditions, and other stressors and health challenges. Feeding plasma to the developing pullet during the first weeks of life, helps them to face these challenges by supporting their immune system and achieving a long and productive lifecycle.


The turkey chick faces various challenges during the first weeks of life that prevent it from reaching full genetic potential. Feeding plasma to the young turkey in the first few weeks supports early immune and gut development, leading to better early weights and greater tolerance to challenges and stressors. Plasma is a rich source of highly digestible protein helping to reduce the levels of SBM used in the diets and the amount of undigestible protein, which are key to achieving a desirable gut health in young turkeys. At high temperatures, plasma forms an irreversible thermoplastic gel thus using it in early turkey diets helps reduce fines. All of these benefits translate into better overall lifetime productivity and health. Plasma is a safe, natural fit for early turkey diets.


Interaction of hatching systems and starter feeding strategies
The use of starter feeding strategies as an alternative to the use of antibiotics



Used globally in the swine industry for more than 35 years, the benefits of plasma are now proven in poultry production. Ensuring birds develop a strong immune system and gain weight early are key predictors of later performance. Spray Dried Plasma is uniquely positioned as part of a nutritional strategy to develop the immature immune and digestive systems in young poultry. Plasma promotes overall health, tolerance to challenges and stressors, and improves overall performance. You’ll see the difference in improved feed conversion, body weight gain and survival. Adding plasma in just the first diet will pay for itself in performance.

By The Numbers

– Increased tolerance to stress and disease

– Increased feed efficiency 1.5-3%

– Increased weight gain 1.5-3%

– Reduced mortality up to 50%

The Science

Enhances immune efficiency and gut development

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Increases tolerance to challenges and stressors

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Improves overall performance

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