You know the choices you make during this crucial post-weaning stage will impact the pig’s health – and the health of your business – for a lifetime. So start your nursery pigs off right with plasma. Plasma is the most researched nursery feed ingredient in use today. Time and again, the science has proven that plasma is an essential ingredient in getting pigs started right. Plasma supports the developing immune system at a time when pigs need it most.

Gestating & Lactating Sows

In today’s modern world of pig production, you have to do more with less. Sows are supporting more pigs than ever and need to be in the best condition possible. That’s where plasma comes in. Feeding plasma functional proteins to sows during gestation or lactation can reduce inflammation, allowing her to wean healthier, more robust pigs and increasing her overall productivity.

Finishing Pigs

When it comes to finishing pigs, it’s a big investment. Labor. Feed. Medications. Even at a time when traditional health tools are going away, you need options to keep the whole herd in top condition. Producers are finding that plasma can be used as a unique ingredient in their health toolbox to help get finishing pigs to market. Plasma checks all the boxes on helping pigs during stressful events like vaccinations and other challenging conditions that commonly affect finishing pigs. Plasma helps to get bigger, better, stronger pigs to market.


Hog production truly starts with the boar. And a healthy, less stressed boar is going to be your best chance at improving your herd.

Where It All Started

In the early 1980s, swine producers were struggling with piglets becoming ill soon after being weaned, leading to sick, poor-performing animals that often succumbed to the stress. Segregated early weaning was developed to break the disease and negative health cycle. APC worked with researchers at Iowa State University to see if our plasma functional proteins (FPs) could help. They did – and in a profound way. Over the years, hundreds of blind studies have been conducted, all with the same result – piglets fed FPs in their first phase diet were less prone to illness, ate more and grew faster than piglets fed the exact same diet without FPs. In fact, the use of FPs is so effective that today, the majority of all piglet starter diets contain them. Over time, the use of plasma has expanded into sow, finishing pig and boar diets, with producers seeing value in every phase of production. 

By The Numbers

– Improves ADG 31%

– Improves Feed Intake 25%

– Improves Feed Efficiency 4%

– Reduces Mortality 50%

– 8+ billion pigs fed globally since 1981

– Plasma ranked Top 10 Discoveries in Swine Nutrition

– Most researched feed ingredient

The Science

Plasma in Nursery Diets

It’s well known that using plasma in piglet nursery diets helps get pigs off to a good start. What you might not know is to obtain the maximum economic and performance benefits of plasma, it is important to use the appropriate feeding duration and level of plasma in nursery pig diets.

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Plasma as an Antibiotic Alternative

There is a rapidly increasing global movement to ensure the judicious use of antibiotics at farms producing milk, meat, eggs, fish and seafood to reduce the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens that affect human health. Spray-dried plasma offers performance benefits when fed with or without antibiotics.

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Plasma in Sow Diets

Use of plasma in starter feed for weaned pigs is well-known to increase feed intake and growth of pigs through the stressful post-weaning period. The sow herd can also experience heat stress or disease stress such as PRRS during gestation and lactation that can reduce sow herd productivity and profitability. Research has shown the use of plasma in sow diets can help improve key performance measures.

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Learn About Our Products

APC offers spray dried plasma and red cells for use in production and companion animal applications globally. As the world’s largest manufacturer, customers can count on APC to provide the safest and highest quality ingredients used in diets today.

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