Protein is a key component for calf milk replacers (CMR), since it’s an essential source of amino acids, that helps calves to efficiently absorve other nutrients.
However, the high cost that milk proteins have reached in the last years, due to the increased demand in human nutrition, has forced manufacturers to coinsider new alternative sources for their formulations.  

Many studies show that PEPTEIVA® can replace milk proteins in CMR formulations. It provides interesting health proprieties to young calves, it’s a source of functional proprieties and a good cost-effective alternative source od protein for calf milk replacers.

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    Pepteiva is a unique enzymatically hydrolyzed protein, allowed to be fed to all animal species, especially suited for use in pre-starters, milk replacers and feed for young animals including fish, poultry, piglets, calves and goats. Pepteiva can replace other proteins typically used in young animal diets and offers functionality and performance you can see in this critical growing phase.

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