Manufacturing safe and effective products is our number one priority. As the global leader in spray dried animal proteins, we make continuous investments in the latest technologies – sometimes exclusive to us – to ensure we are providing a safe product 100% of the time. We invest significant resources into conducting scientific trials that validate our manufacturing practices inactivate global diseases of concern. The manufacturing process for the production of spray dried plasma follows the  World Health Organization guidelines for the production of human transfusable blood products.

APC follows WHO guidelines:

APC follows WHO guidelines:

  • Donor Selection
  • Testing of Plasma Pools
  • Viral Inactivation & Removal Procedures

How Plasma is Made

  1. Blood is collected from officially inspected facilities from healthy animals
  2. Centrifuged, chilled & stored in food grade, stainless steel storage tanks
  3. Transported in species-dedicated  tankers to APC production site
  4. Treated with UV Photopurification (select facilities)
  5. Filtered and concentrated
  6. Spray dried to minimum 80° C throughout substance
  7. Packaged in new 25 kg bags or totes
  8. Stored at 20° C for 14 days in environmentally controlled warehouse (porcine products)
  9. Quality tested prior to product release
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Key Biosafety Steps

1. Donor Selection
Blood is collected at officially inspected abattoirs from animals that have been examined and passed as fit for slaughter for human consumption.

2. Testing of Plasma
All lots of plasma are tested post-production, prior to finished product release.

3. Viral Inactivation & Removal Procedures
Spray drying to minimum 80° C throughout substance, computer controlled with continuous monitoring and for porcine products, Post-drying Heat Treatment at a minimum 20° C for 14 days.

Safety & Efficacy

Each individual step, including pooling, photopurification*, spray drying and temperature-controlled storage reduces any pathogens that may be present by 4 Logs. When these four scientifically validated processes are performed one after the other as we do, customers can be assured of the safety and efficacy of APC’s spray dried products.

For more information about our biosafety practices, view our downloadable in-depth documents or contact us to speak with a member of our technical services team.

Downloadable Documents
WHO Flyer
Biosafety Fact Book
Biosafety FAQs

“Spray dried animal plasma is an effective, safe, high-quality ingredient that can be confidently used in animal feeding programs. Each step of the process is carefully monitored to maintain product integrity and traceability. Our team is dedicated to the safety of our products throughout the entire production process.”

  • Jerry Frankl, President and CEO

Power of Plasma, an APC Video Series

Industry Commitment to Safety

APC along with organizations to which we belong lead the way in efforts to produce safe and effective ingredients for use in animal production.


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