It’s important to maximize the value of all our resources, including by-products like blood. APC collects blood that would otherwise have little to no value and turns it into nutrient-rich red cells and plasma. The red cells become a highly digestible protein used in a wide variety of animal foods while plasma is specially processed to retain biologically active functional proteins.

Our Sustainability Focus

Reclaiming otherwise discarded by-products from meat production makes our overall food production footprint smaller, saves landfill space, and helps minimize the environmental impacts of animal agriculture.

By using every part of the animal, we can reduce waste – and help other animals thrive.

We strive to continuously reduce our energy usage and invest in technologies to lower our carbon footprint.

APC captures the heat produced by our dryers and reuses it in other processes and invests in solar panels to offset the use of gas and electricity.

Reusing and reducing water is a priority during the manufacture of blood derived products and requires innovative techniques.

APC recycles clean tank water and collaborates with landowners to use reclaimed wastewater for field irrigation.

Plasma is a natural, sustainable protein resource produced to retain all biologically active functional proteins that help support an animal’s immune system, health, and growth.

For more than 40 years APC has added value to the global food chain by reducing waste and providing valuable ingredients that help animals thrive.

Committed to Sustainability

“We understand that expectations in the areas of traceability, safety and environmental stewardship are top of mind, which is why we are committed to safe, responsible sourcing of our products. Our customers depend on safe, reliable products for the health and wellbeing of their animals. We also know there is growing pressure to reduce environmental impact, which is why we are committed to continuous improvement to meet the growing sustainability demands”

Dave Dirks, Chief Operating Officer

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