What is plasma?
Plasma is comprised of a complex mixture of functional proteins (we call them FPs for short) that include transferrin, lysozymes, growth factors, cytokines, immunoglobulins and many other components that have a profound, positive impact on animals. APC specially processes liquid plasma, transforming it to a fine powder that retains the unique FPs while also assuring safety.
How does plasma work (what is the Mode of Action)?
The mode of action of plasma is actually very simple. Consumed orally, plasma FPs don’t interfere with the body’s natural immune response to inflammation, but instead they help the immune system to respond more quickly and efficiently. This helps animals to use their energy for productive functions instead of using it to fight the stressor. FPs help to minimize the effects of stressors and get animals back to normal quickly, effectively and consistently. Read more.
What research supports the use of plasma?
Plasma is one of the most researched feed ingredients in use today and many producers, feed specialists and veterinarians consider it an essential health management tool. More than 600 peer-reviewed, published journal articles document the positive effects of plasma across species. A research listing is available upon request.


Is there a difference between bovine or porcine plasma?
No. Besides the source of plasma, there aren’t any notable differences. Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of bovine plasma compared to porcine plasma. The results have not shown any significant difference in performance, quality, or biosafety of the two products.
Why should I use plasma manufactured by APC?
APC pioneered the manufacturing process for spray-dried plasma and continues to invest significant resources in research and development to ensure we offer the safest, most effective products available. We recommend you source plasma only from reputable companies that conduct and value research and are willing to be transparent with you about their entire manufacturing process.
How does plasma compare to other functional ingredients?
Plasma set the standard by which all other functional ingredients are measured and continues to demonstrate superior performance. Numerous scientific trials clearly show that plasma offers consistently better value and performance. We urge customers to consider the complete body of work for any ingredient being considered for use in their operations.
I want to purchase plasma. Who should I contact?
Use our Contact Us form to share basic information and we’ll be sure your inquiry gets to the appropriate salesperson. Click here to download our North America Product Listing.

Feeding Recommendations

Many factors affect how much plasma should be fed and for what duration. Contact a member of our Technical Services team to discuss your situation for specific recommendations.


What steps or technologies does APC use to ensure your products are safe?
The manufacturing process for the production of spray-dried animal plasma follows the World Health Organization guidelines for the production of human transfusable plasma products. We use manufacturing steps including processing from healthy donors / animals and multiple, robust virus inactivation and removal procedures including spray-drying, post-drying heat treatment and in some facilities, UV-c irradiation.
Detailed information about APC’s biosafety procedures can be found on the Biosafety section of our site. To learn more, see Biosafety page.
How can you assure there is no risk of disease transmission when using plasma?
Because our process of spray drying to 80° C throughout substance is proven to inactivate 99.99% of tested viruses. This is a greater than 4 Log reduction, and this standard is globally accepted by scientists and governments and is specifically supported by European Directive 2002/99/EC; Annex III. This is a key step in the Good Manufacturing Practices we employ at all APC plants. In addition, we employ post-drying heat treatment which provides a greater than 7 Log reduction in various tested viruses.
What does APC do to ensure the spray drying kill step is effective?
APC utilizes computer-controlled processing for spray drying plasma, monitoring the process, assuring a minimum processing temperature of 80° C throughout substance. APC has also conducted extensive trials that validate this process, which are available in peer-reviewed, published journals.
What is the safety record of feeding either porcine or bovine plasma to swine, globally?
In the more than 35 years that spray dried plasma has been fed to pigs, there has never been a confirmed case of plasma being the cause of a disease. The product is fed to millions of pigs every year – if spray dried plasma was a problem, you would know it.
Where can I find additional information related to plasma biosafety?
Visit the Biosafety page on this website. You can also download several documents which provide additional details on plasma processing and biosafety steps.

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Our goal at APC Europe is to meet the needs of our customers, both those who purchase our products and those who contract our blood collection services. APC believes that the fair and ethical treatment of our employees and compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation as a minimum requirement is fundamental to our success.
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