Who We Are

We know you only recommend products that are safe, work well and deliver consistent solutions. Our natural, safe Functional Proteins do just that. APC’s Functional Proteins can help you and producers across the globe outperform the industry standards.

Who We Are

What We Do

We feel a great responsibility in helping you build positive relationships with the producers you serve by providing an ingredient that works and you can feel confident in recommending. We invest in research trials, manufacturing plant improvements and biosafety processes and validation by third-party experts to ensure you know we are providing you and your customers with one of the safest feed ingredients available. When you recommend our products, backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles published in internationally recognized scientific journals, your customer and their animals thrive.

Why It Matters To You

Your expertise and knowledge are imperative to sharing the good work plasma does. Think of plasma as a health management tool. When plasma is incorporated into the diets, animals thrive, herd health is maintained and you help producers stay on top of disease risk. The end result? Your business thrives, too.

How Plasma Works

Spray dried plasma is composed of a complex mixture of functional proteins and other biologically active factors that help support immune function in animals. When the immune system is functioning at a normal level animals are able to better tolerates stress factors and energy is devoted to productive functions, such as growth and performance.

The Science

Inflammation and an overactive immune response to stressors takes a toll on animals. People too – think about how difficult it is to go about your daily routine when you aren’t feeling well. The same thing happens with pigs, poultry, companion animals – and even fish! Finding ways to help support a normal immune and inflammatory response is important to keeping animals healthy and productive. APC has spent years researching the mode of action of plasma – basically how plasma works.

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Added focus on biosecurity

APC takes the risk of foreign animal diseases and the safe manufacturing of our products seriously. Manufacturing safe and effective products is our number one priority. As the global leader in spray dried animal proteins, we make continuous investments in the latest technologies – sometimes exclusive to us – to ensure we are providing a safe product 100% of the time. We invest significant resources into conducting scientific trials that validate our manufacturing practices inactivate global diseases of concern. The manufacturing process for the production of spray dried plasma follows the World Health Organization guidelines for the production of human transfusable blood products.

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Learn About Our Products

APC offers spray dried plasma and red cells for use in production and companion animal applications globally. As the world’s largest manufacturer, customers can count on APC to provide the safest and highest quality ingredients used in diets today.

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