Introducing Cravings. 

A highly palatable hydrolyzed porcine protein for dogs, with health benefits!

What is Cravings?

Cravings is an enzymatically hydrolyzed porcine protein derived from plasma containing high levels of protein, functional proteins and bioactive peptides that is highly palatable to dogs.

When should Cravings be used?

Cravings should be used in dry dog foods, treats and supplements to elevate health focused products. Our unique processing methods retain the biologically active components present in plasma that positively impact health while also providing formula flexibility and functionality. 

Cravings offers solutions

To help support dogs facing stressors across all life stages – vaccinations, separation anxiety, inflammatory events and more.

Cravings offers solutions to support pets with proven benefits for whole body health.

Formulation Benefits

  • Hydrolysis results in an ingredient with highly digestible proteins ​​
  • Partially replaces more expensive palatants, digests, livers and meals
  • Enhances palatability of the final formula with animal derived proteins

Cravings Specifications

  • 70% Protein, minimum
  • 20% Ash, maximum
  • Hydrolyzed to 85% below 10,000 Daltons

Dogs Prefer Cravings

Dogs consistently prefer kibble that includes Cravings. Cravings increases consumption and choice when tested in dog foods containing digest products, chicken meal, potato or pea protein. 

Health Benefits

  • Contains functional proteins and bioactive peptides that support whole body health
  • Helps the immune system respond to inflammation quickly and efficiently 
  • Improves digestibility of the diet and promotes gut health
Cravings: For Pet Food, Treat & Supplement Manufacturers