Why APC Uses UV Technology

Ultraviolet (UV) processing technology uses a special light array and the controlled flow of liquid to “pasteurize” raw materials, which reduces the amount of potentially harmful organisms that may be present in any perishable material. Consider that milk is pasteurized by heating it at a low temperature. UV technology offers the same results using ultraviolet light waves. UV technology is commonly used in the food industry with many other products as well, including fruit juices and produce. We use UV technology with our liquid plasma in the same manner.

All plasma that APC produces under our standard good manufacturing processes is safe. So why do we offer UV processed plasma? Because our core values as a company include Performance, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, which drives us to continuously innovate and invest in our business and the industries we serve. We began development of UV technology in 2004 and ten years of research and validation led to our first full scale UV installation in our Denison, Iowa plant, followed by installation in our Sublette, Kansas facility.

APC is the only plasma manufacturer to utilize UV processing. We currently use SurePure turbulator equipment while we continue to invest in additional processing technologies.