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APC manufactures and supplies functional protein ingredients for the global animal nutrition industry. Our sustainably sourced proteins positively impact health, support immunity across all life stages and help animals thrive.

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APC is proud to be the global leader in providing high quality, safe and effective products. Our mission is to help animals – and plants – thrive through the use of innovative functional proteins that positively impact performance.

Industry Professionals We Serve

Whether you work directly on farm or provide guidance on animal nutrition or health decisions for animals – each job means you need essential tools for success. APC is proud to be the global leader in providing high quality, safe and innovative proteins that positively impact animal performance – and the bottom line.

Producers Producers


We add value to your operation by providing safe and effective ingredients that help improve the lives of your animals.

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Feed Specialists Feed Specialists

Feed Specialists

Not only do we have the products your customers need, but we help you formulate appropriate inclusion levels so you don’t sacrifice performance.

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Veterinarians Veterinarians


When plasma is incorporated into the diets, animals thrive, herd health is maintained and you help producers stay on top of disease risk.

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Watch Them Thrive

Sustainable from the Start

Sustainable From The Start

With billions of people in the world today and many of them food insecure, we think it’s important to maximize the value of all of our resources, including by products like blood. APC collects blood that would otherwise have little to no value and turns it into red cells and plasma. The red cells become a highly digestible protein used in feed rations. Plasma is specially processed to retain all of the biologically active functional proteins that help to support an animal’s immune system, health and growth. By using every part of the animal, we can reduce waste – and help other animals thrive.


With APC, you will get consistent, quality products no matter where you are in the world. APC Locations

17 Manufacturing Facilities
8 Countries with Manufacturing Facilities
58 Countries Served by APC

"We understand the challenges you face and want to be a partner you can count on to provide consistently reliable and effective products."
-Jerry Frankl, President & CEO

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