Join APC, the Global Leader of Functional Proteins, at Zoomark 2023!

Come visit our booth and discover new ingredients to solve today’s pet food manufacturing challenges. Not only for formulation requirements, but also by providing the health benefits that pet parents are seeking.

Together with our italian distributor Prodotti A.I. Chem, we will be happy to welcome you from 15th to 17th May in Bologna (Italy).

Overall health and wellbeing are common concerns, and we will make the case for plasma-derived functional proteins in the lecture “Plasma: A Whole Body Health Ingredient” presented by Dr. Joy Campbell, Senior Director of Global Petfood Technical Service of APC, in the APC Booth.

All pet food professionals are invited to attend this event and learn more about plasma’s mode of action and benefits!

We are loocking foward to seeing you on Tuesday 16th May at 18:00h (Hall 21 – Booth B76-78)!

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    Cravings is an enzymatic hydrolyzed plasma product with specific characteristics for pet food and may be used in formulations either inside or outside the kibble.

    Cravings is a highly soluble protein source and a proven attractant, that increases preference and food intake. It should be considered whenever the formulation calls for enhanced palatability, high functionality and rigorous quality specifications around the finished product.


    Plasma is a natural ingredient backed by decades of research demonstrating a proven whole-body effect, modulating inflammation at the source. Consumed orally, the functional proteins in plasma don’t interfere with the body’s natural immune response to inflammation; instead, they help the immune system to respond more quickly and efficiently.

    Plasma also offers superior functionality in wet pet food applications, where improvements in emulsification, gelling and water holding capacity are desired.

    Producto AP 920 de APC Proteínas Funcionales