APC is proud to be the global leader in providing high quality, safe and effective products. We are also a proud supporter of World Pork Expo, meeting the needs of our pork producers, nutritionists and veterinarians through the use of innovative functional proteins that positively impact performance. APC is a founding member of the North American Spray Dried Blood and Plasma Producers Association, a working group within the American Feed Industry Association.

World Pork Expo is the world’s largest pork industry-specific trade show bringing together pork producers and industry professionals from around the world for three days of education, innovation and networking. We will be located in booth V122. Please come by and say hello!

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How Plasma WorksSpray dried plasma is composed of a complex mixture of functional proteins and other biologically active factors that help support immune function in animals. When the immune system is functioning at a normal level, animals are able to better tolerate stress factors and energy is devoted to productive functions such as growth and performance.

Nursery/Piglets:   Plasma is the most researched nursery feed ingredient in use today. Science has proven that plasma is an essential ingredient in getting pigs started right, supporting the developing immune system at a time when pigs need it most.

Gestating and Lactating Sows:  Lactating sows need high feed intake to maintain their body condition and to support milk production. Sows may not eat enough feed, especially during summer months, and that disease episodes like PRRS can harm both sow and litter production.

Finishing Pigs Producers are finding that plasma can be used as a unique ingredient in their health toolbox to help get finishing pigs to market.

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Learn About Our Products

APC offers spray dried plasma and red cells for use in production and companion animal applications globally. As the world’s largest manufacturer, customers can count on APC to provide the safest and highest quality ingredients used in diets today.

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