POWERED BY PLASMA featured in New Solid Gold NutrientBoost kibble and meal toppers

Solid Gold introduces NutrientBoost kibble and meal toppers

Some things that sound gross are actually tasty and really good for you. Take kombucha: the bacteria-colony-infused tea has exploded in popularity in recent years, largely due to the growing awareness that gut health can influence as much as 80% of a person’s immune system. The same holds true for pets, which is why Solid Gold, a company known for its natural and holistic pet foods made from high-quality ingredients, just launched Solid Gold NutrientBoost, a premium line of innovative, delicious recipes created specifically to improve gut health in cats and dogs, powered by a surprising source of nutrients: plasma.

Solid Gold NutrientBoost is launching with three dog kibble recipes in lamb, beef and chicken flavors, and a cat recipe in lamb. Meal toppers are also available for both cats and dogs, so owners who don’t want to switch established diets can add a little extra healthy goodness to their pet’s favorite dishes. 

So why plasma?

Plasma is a natural, nutrient-rich liquid comprised of vital proteins including albumin, globulin and fibrinogen that actively support the immune system and offer a wealth of gut health benefits for both dogs and cats, including:

  • Digestibility: proven to improve the digestibility of food in both dogs and cats, increasing their overall nutrient absorption and utilization 
  • Immunity: packed full of minerals, amino acids, and antibodies which support the intestinal immune system against harmful bacteria while enhancing the body’s immune response to potential food-borne threats 
  • Palatability: known to stimulate appetite and increase food consumption in both dogs and cats

“Plasma sounds like the last thing you want for dinner,” says Leasa Moltke, Manager of Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs, Solid Gold. “But to dogs and cats, it’s a giant leap forward in their daily nutrition and gut health. Added to traditional pet food, plasma becomes a superior source of protein providing minerals, antibodies and 18 amino acids to your pet’s diet. Plus, it’s delicious—at least to our pets.”

The launch comes at a time when there is an increased focus on pet health among Americans. According to a 2020 Survey[1] of dog and cat owners, during the pandemic the U.S. saw a surge to 42 percent and 43 percent respectively of owners paying closer attention to their pet’s health and wellness because of COVID-19. And national veterinary clinic chain, Banfield, reported a rise of half a million more pet visits in 2020 than the previous year. The Packaged Facts survey also reveals top pet owner concerns: 23% of dog, and 24% of cat owners admit to being “especially concerned” about their pet’s anxiety and stress levels, while 20% and 21% respectively cite their pet’s immune system health as a priority.

“As people start planning to go back to the office, it’s not surprising that animal anxiety and stress show up as top concerns for pet owners as they think about leaving their furry friends at home,” adds Moltke. “But symptoms like anxiety, stress, low energy, excessive scratching and shedding may also be signs of poor gut health—so helping your pet feel better during this transitional time might end up being as easy as switching them to a better diet.”

Solid Gold NutrientBoost is available online at solidgoldpet.com, Chewys.com, Amazon, Petco and PetSmart, and select independent pet retailers nationwide. For more information about Solid Gold Pet and updates on new product offerings, visit solidgoldpet.com or follow the brand on Facebook (@SolidGoldPet), Instagram (@solidgoldpets) and Twitter (@SolidGoldPets).

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