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A new APC Swine Trends podcast with a hot topic is now available.

The third episode was just released:

Episode #03 – Dr. Elise Toohill: Strategies to manage re-emerging post-weaning E. coli challenge.

“Nine of the 13 production flows I am working with have had significant E. coli problems within the last three months” – Dr. Elise Toohill.

Many swine producers are concerned about the recent re-emerging post-weaning E. coli cases on their farms. Some are reporting E. coli issues even with processes being done correctly. What can be done when faced with this major challenge that has no clear cause or unique solution?

This episode, hosted by Dr. Yanbin Shen, from the APC team and Dr. Toohill, Associate Veterinarian at Carthage Veterinary Service, discusses the leading causes, consequences, and strategies to tackle post-weaning E. coli issues.

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