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“We’ll never have 0% mortality. But in the big picture, I think the industry as a whole has been doing much better during the last decades.” APC is pleased to share the latest Swine Trends podcast episode featuring Dr. Martin Mohr of Mohr Vet and Mohr Vet Research. In this episode, Randy Leete from APC and Dr. Mohr dive into topics such as contributing factors of mortality in all phases of swine production, steps being taken to combat mortality in the finishers and monitoring industry trends to eradicate diseases.

Dr. Martin Mohr is the owner of Mohr Vet and Mohr Vet Research located in Southwest Minnesota. Inspired by his father’s commitment to agriculture and love of animals, Dr. Mohr followed in his footsteps. Martin graduated from the University of Minnesota with BS in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics in 1989 and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. In addition, he recently completed the Swine EVP course at the University of Illinois. Martin believes that farmers are the heart of America, and it is his passion to help family farmers feed the world.

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