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APC is pleased to share episode seven of their Swine Trends podcast featuring Dave Chamberlin, Swine Technical Sales Manager of Vita Plus. In this episode, Randy Leete from APC and Dave discuss cutting costs without cutting corners. Both bring valuable experiences and industry knowledge to the discussion. Dave shares “I’ve been really impressed by how serious the producers are about health and how hard the veterinarians have been working to provide solutions that make sense to maintain the best welfare of the pig, as well as that of the producer’s pocketbook.”

Dave Chamberlin attended Michigan State University and received a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a master’s degree in monogastric nutrition in 2017. He has experience working on a 5,000-sow farrow-to-finish farm, overseeing all farrowing management, as well as on a 700-sow farrow-to-finish unit as a farrowing manager. Chamberlin has previously worked in swine nutrition formulating rations, coordinating ingredient orders, overseeing farrowing farm management and production, and performing farm trials related to nutrition, breeding, and management.

If you are a new listener of Swine Trends, an APC podcast, there are six other episodes you’ll want to hear!

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