The animal feeding industry is constantly facing challenges to improve the health and performance of animals. The use of spray-dried animal plasma (SDP) in animal feeding has been considered a nutritional advancement, and its actual importance is undeniable and deserves careful attention. SDP is a product derived from the blood plasma of pigs or cows. This material is processed by a method of atomization at high temperatures, ensuring that all particles are subjected to at least 80ºC throughout their substance, spraying the liquid plasma into fine particles. The result is a safe, highly concentrated, and digestible powder that can be mixed with animal feeds.

The use of SDP in animal feeding has been linked to significant improvements in performance, especially in animals undergoing various types of challenges, such as during weaning in the case of piglets or the early days of life in chickens. Animals fed diets containing plasma tend to have faster growth rates. Additionally, as SDP is a source of highly digestible proteins, it can help reduce reliance on plant-based proteins, which often have a significant environmental cost.

One of the main advantages of SDP is its ability to improve the intestinal health of animals. The animals’ digestive tract is a complex environment often affected by factors such as stress, infections, and diet changes. SDP contains a wide variety of proteins and bioactive peptides that can strengthen the intestinal barrier and promote the health of intestinal cells. Intestinal health is essential for efficient nutrient absorption, which improves animals’ growth rate and feed efficiency. Moreover, a healthy gut can also reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases, reducing the need for antibiotics and promoting more sustainable production.

Another key benefit of SDP is its ability to modulate the animals’ immune system systemically. The functional proteins and bioactive peptides in the plasma can help strengthen the body’s natural defenses, making animals more resistant to infections and diseases. This immune modulation is especially valuable in stressful situations, like weaning in piglets or transitioning to new diets. SDP can help animals adapt to these challenging conditions and reduce the need for costly medical treatments.

In summary, spray dried animal plasma plays a crucial role in modern animal feeding. Its benefits to intestinal health, the immune system, and animals’ performance are undeniable. Moreover, its ability to reduce the need for antibiotics and promote more sustainable production makes it an attractive option for the animal feeding industry.

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Javier Polo

PhD Senior Vice-President
Research & Development

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