Exciting News at APC Europe: GMP+ FRA GMO controlled Certification Achieved!

We are pleased to announce that APC Europe has reached a significant milestone – GMP+ FRA GMO controlled certification, reinforcing our commitment to high-quality and sustainable production. This certificate reflects our ongoing pursuit of excellence offering GMO-free products and our promise to maintain the highest standards in all our operations.

Two decades ago, APC was one of the first companies in Europe to achieve this prestigious standard, at a time when only a few companies possessed it. Today, we are proud to be one of only three companies in Spain that have the MP+ FRA GMO controlled certification, continuing our leadership in setting high standards for production and product quality.

Our journey and this new achievement underscore APC’s commitment and responsibility to environmental sustainability. We remain focused on leading the sector with innovative and sustainable practices, paving the way towards a more responsible future.

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