Growth & Nutrient Efficiency in Nursery Pigs Phase 2 Diets

At APC, we are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking findings, which we will present at the Pig Research Summit 2024. Our study shows significant improvements in growth rate, nutrient utilization, and survival in nursery pigs during Phase 2 pig diets of the post-weaning period.

Pigs Phase 2 Diets Nutrition

Our research highlights the benefits of incorporating spray-dried porcine plasma ingredients (SDPP), and its hydrolyzed version Pepteiva, into Phase 2 pig diets. The results are promising. Pigs fed with plasma-based ingredients show enhanced growth performance and better nutrient efficiency compared to control groups.

These findings suggest that APC’s functional proteins as a valuable alternative to traditional pharmaceutical interventions, promoting healthier and more efficient growth in piglets.

Join APC at the Pig Research Summit 2024

To fully understand our study and its implications, we invite you to attend APC’s poster session at the Pig Research Summit. Discover how APC’s Functional Proteins advance animal nutrition and contribute to sustainable and effective swine production practices.

The Pig Research Summit 2024 is themed Sustainable Pig Feed for the Future and will be held from 20 – 21 November 2024 at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Denmark. This event offers an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to gain insights into the latest research and innovations in pig nutrition and sustainability.

Moreover, join us in Copenhagen to explore the future of sustainable pig nutrition. Learn how to implement these innovative practices in your operations.

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