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“As feed price increases, we must focus even more on all areas of deficiency in feed utilization.” APC is pleased to share the latest Swine Trends podcast episode featuring Dr. David Rosero of The Hanor Company. In this episode, Dr. Yanbin Shen from APC and Dr. Rosero dive into topics such as considerations to making sows more prolific, the biggest challenges faced by sow managers and tips for improving sow herd productivity.

Dr. David Rosero is the Technical Officer at The Hanor Company, overseeing the nutrition programs, research and innovations efforts. His Doctorate research focused on understanding of the nutritional value of dietary lipids and essential fatty acids on sow long-term productivity. Recognition for his research includes an Emerging Scholar Award by the American Society of Animal Science and a Research Innovation Award by the National Pork Board. His long-term goal is to continue making significant and relevant contributions to the field of Animal Sciences.  

If you are a new listener of Swine Trends, an APC podcast, there are four other episodes you’ll want to hear! In episode one, Joseph Kerns and Dr. Joe Crenshaw discuss hog market trends, feeding cost updates and COVID-19 challenges. In episode two, Dr. Jeffrey Knott shares cool strategies for sweltering sows. In episode three, Dr. Elise Toohill joins the podcast to talk about a hot topic: post-weaning E. coli challenge. Episode four, with special guest Dr. Trey Kellner, discusses strategies for getting your pigs started on feed.  

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