New ingredients for milk replacers.
A new window of possibilities

Young calves are very sensitive to pathological and digestive stress pressures. Usually, undigested feed mass accumulation in the hind gut, drive the young calves to slower growth, diarrhea, and even higher mortality. Efficient ingredients can help improving these issues, while providing at the same time a cost-effective solution.

In this lecture we will discuss about new ingredients for young calves’ milk replacement, that broad the spectrum of palatable ingredients, and provide highly digestive amino acids to improve their performance.

  • When: 16th November at 12:00 am
  • Where: Eurotier’s Cattle Forum
  • Speaker: Carmen Rodríguez. R&D Project Manager  at APC

Functional ingredients to tackle the new therapeutical zinc oxide free scenario: Plasma and Hydrolyzed Proteins

Digestive disorders diseases and mortality rates in piglets are on the rise, just a few months after the medicated use of zinc oxide has been banned in Europe. Now more than ever, nutritional solutions that help piglets grow stronger and healthier are needed, while improving efficiency and profitability for farmers.

In this lecture we will discuss natural, biologically valuable proteins solutions that help piglets develop their immune and digestive systems and allow farmers to optimize their production systems, valid for specialized and multispecies feed production environment.

  • When: 17th November at 12:00 am
  • Where: Eurotier’s Pig Forum
  • Speaker: Javier Polo. R&D Vice-President at APC

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