New Tech Note: Various Applications of Spray Dried Plasma (SDP) in Sow Feed Benefits Sow and Litter Performance

Research shows that SDP in sow feed benefits both sow and litter performance and can have longer-term effects on subsequent sow reproductive performance.

SDP in sow feed has multiple applications and benefits for both the sow and litter:

• Lactating sows have higher feed intake, heavier litters and more quality pigs weaned and increased subsequent farrowing rate.

• Gestating and lactating sows under chronic PRRS status show higher farrowing rate with more pigs weaned per sow serviced.

• Plasma in sow transition feed reduced number of stillborn pigs, increased pig birth weight and increased live born pigs of young sows having their next litter.

• Recommended to use 0.5% or 5 kg plasma per ton of sow feed.

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