Popular Pig Podcast with Daniel Linhares: Pork production and how the industry is working together to ensure herd health

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Collaboration in the Pork Industry: Insights into how stakeholders in pork production, including producers, veterinarians, and industry leaders like Daniel Linhares, work together through committees like the APC Swine Industry Advisory Committee to ensure the health of swine herds.
  • Role of Advisory Committees: Exploration of how advisory committees influence strategic planning in the pork industry and the benefits of including experts and researchers in these groups.
  • Experiences and Learnings from Industry Leaders: An overview of Daniel Linhares’ experiences working with other industry leaders, providing a unique perspective on collaborative efforts and shared knowledge in the field.
  • Addressing Industry Priorities: Discussion on how the insights from experts like Linhares help companies in the pork industry understand and prioritize key issues in swine health and welfare.
  • Dr. Daniel Linhares’s “Golden Nugget”.

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